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It is difficult to pick my favorite part of The Lost Ways book.  There was just so much useful information in it.  When it comes to utilizing disaster preparedness information like this I mostly focus on the most probable scenarios such as an extended power loss due to a blackout.  I was without power for several days after a hurricane once so I know what it is like.

For this reason I really liked the chapter on how sailors stored drinking water to ensure it was fresh.  If you are without power in your town, most likely there is risk of contamination with your drinking water.  Having good clean drinking water is essential to survival.  At one point or another there is a good chance we will need to ensure our water source is safe to drink so I think this was some of the most actionable advice.

I also really liked the information on creating a smoke house, growing vegetables, and creating a nutritious food that won’t spoil.  Even if there isn’t a disaster these skills can prove useful in our every day life.  We all want to be healthier and less reliant on over processed food.

All in all the book was an interesting read.  Some of the information was very actionable regardless of the situation.  Other info may not come into play unless we are without electricity and many of our modern conveniences.

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